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Decorate and Celebrate with Christmas Decor All Year Round

Decorate and Celebrate with Christmas Decor All Year Round

What if I told you Christmas decorations are not just for Christmas? It's true, you can repurpose and reuse your Christmas basics year round, and here's how.  

Christmas Front door decor

Faux green "Christmas" garlands, shatterproof balls, florals and ribbons can be re-purposed for more seasonal decorating. Pull out those Christmas boxes and get to decorating.

Fall Front Door Decor

This fabulous Fall Door decor started with a faux green "Christmas" garland base. Next came a fall leaf garland, shatterproof balls in fall colors and ribbon. TIP: Use green and gold balls from your Christmas decorations, and black and white ribbon can be used for any holiday. The oversized pumpkins, sunflowers, acorns and squirrels add the final focal points to Celebrate the Autumn season. 

Summer front door decor

Summer Fun Garland began with the faux green "Christmas" garland as well. Shatterproof balls in bright fun colors, lime green curly "Christmas " sprays, purple glitter leaves, pink sprays and turquoise leaves continues the Bright Summer color story. The oversized flowers, flip flops and pineapple (created by a local artist) complete the doorway decor.

How can you recreate this for your home? Here are the basic steps:

Garland step by step

1. Install bolts and screws to hand your garland. For brick houses installing a molly bolt in the mortar is best. For a wood surround, install a screw or nail with a head on it then paint it to match. You can leave these bolts and screws in year round.

2. Measure the surround. Faux Christmas garlands are 9 feet in length, and the can be added to each other to create longer lengths or cut to fit your size doorway.

3. Next attach floral wire around the screw or nail. Lay the garland across the bolt and wire then secure the garland by twisting the wire around it. Continue around doorway to finish.

christmas balls

4. Select your Christmas Balls. Get out those boxes of Christmas decorations and go through all the Shatterproof Christmas balls. Select colors to coordinate with your season, theme or color story. Shatterproof balls come in a variety of sizes and colors.

5. Add in the Christmas balls to your garland. Silver and gold balls are good neutral colors to be used year for any every season. In this example, I used pink, red and gold larger balls to decorate for Valentine's Day. If you want, you could be finished. You have a festive garland that speaks for itself. 

Ball garland

ball garland complete

6. Now you are ready to add more decor. Focal points, ribbon, florals all to coordinate with your theme or color story. 

Here is the best part. Remove the pink and add blue to the red, gold and silver garland, and you are ready for Memorial day and 4th of July! The options are limitless.

DIY, do it yourself, means having the total freedom to decorate in the way that best fits you and your home. Get inspired, keep decorating and repurpose and reuse when you can.

Happy decorating, 

Becky and Kathy 

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