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How To: Decorate a Halloween Teardrop for your Door

How To: Decorate a Halloween Teardrop for your Door

Don't be afraid to DIY your door decor--our designers can show you how! ⁣Create a porch that welcomes visitors with cheer! ⁣

Follow along with our professional designer to ace these important steps to get the Miss Cayce's style! You will not usually need glue for our method of wreath and teardrop decorating - for the most part, we only use products with strong wiring, so it's easy to remove different elements and re-design your item later!

The only items we use glue with are in the event that we have a foam item or sign with no wire backing. We like using as little glue as possible so that you can always change items out on a single teardrop easily! ⁣


Purchase your favorites and follow the design recipe checklist below. ⁣

☑️ Teardrop or wreath base⁣ 

☑️ 20 or 22 gauge floral wire ⁣

☑️ Floral stems or sprays⁣ 

☑️ Ribbon⁣

☑️ A focal point for your creation⁣

 INSIDER TIP: Many of our Pot Stakes have removable pipe-bases so that they can transform into a sign you can hang on a teardrop or wreath! ⁣


Start with shaping the greenery on your chosen base.⁣. Shaping the greenery and shaping your stems and sprays is important! It is how you get the most out of each item and make them look big and have more visual volume and impact! ⁣


In this video, your designer from our team has all the tips you'll need to tie bows and add in the decor you'll love. Your neighbors and visitors will LOVE your porch decor! Don't forget to share your creation with us on facebook or instagram.

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Bows: How to Tie a Halloween Bow Like a Designer Pro

Bows: How to Tie a Halloween Bow Like a Designer Pro

Don't miss your chance to greet your home's visitors with cheer! Decorating like a pro is something you can do easily with the right tips.

This video tutorial will have you tying bows like a pro! Even better—Becky shares advice to help you avoid the most common mistakes people make when they tie bows for decorating. You’ll be so glad you watched this video before you even buy your ribbon!

You can shop from our quality ribbon selection >>

Here are just a few of the mistakes you'll need to avoid:

Mistake #1: They think bows are only for wreaths. No way! Everything from the top of a bookshelf, a garland, or the back of a chair is fair game for adding holiday colors to your decor with a bow.

Mistake #2: People often use pipe cleaners to hold a bow together. They just aren’t strong enough! Floral wire and zip-ties are best for holding big bows together.

Mistake #3: They use the wrong ribbon. Ribbon from big box stores is often single layer and has thin wire in it—This ribbon is great for presents or gift bags, but not for large decorative bows! Miss Cayce’s carries high-quality and luxury wired ribbon, many with dual layers that give the ribbon a fullness and longevity. It’s easier to shape the ribbon, and the wire won’t break down like thin-gauge wired ribbon from big box stores.

Mistake #4: They’re afraid to use wide ribbon because of the cost. Did you know that 4-inch wide ribbon will actually save you money? It takes up more visual space, and so you actually need less of it!

In this video from Miss Cayce's, Becky shares more tips and tricks, and of course she shows you every step of tying a beautiful bow the Miss Cayce’s way. It's so easy--you just need to know the right steps, and you'll be on your way to tying a bow with wow-factor!

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Halloween Garlands: Decorate like a Pro

Halloween Garlands: Decorate like a Pro


Create a jaw-dropping porch that welcomes trick-or-treaters with cheer!

You’ll need:

〰️A great base— like our anchorage fir garland—it has a great stiff metal spine in each branch that will hold all the decorations you will layer with it! Shop Garlands

〰️Ball Garlands - a good shatterproof garland will save you SO much time (and tears and cleanup! Perfect for homes with kids or pets) and ours come in a variety of colors! Shop Ball Garlands

〰️Beautiful Bows —This is the Ribbon that designers LOVE. Ribbon from big box stores isn’t double layered and will often crumple in storage. Our ribbon is made from the most durable wire possible and comes in many patterns. Shop Ribbon

〰️Eye-catching focal points—like cute burlees, screenings, and signs! 🤩 The Round Top Collection items are perfect for this, and the designs are new with each holiday and season! Shop Focal Points

〰️Fun Florals —Picks, Stems, and Sprays aren’t always flowers—This garland features ghosts, bats, and sparkling pumpkins! Shop Florals

Shop your favorite looks and supplies, or if you don’t want to DIY, you can commission a design with the Miss Cayce’s talented design team!

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How to Tie 3 Different Bows

✨Learn how to tie a bow with Becky!✨

🎀 Add some pizzazz to any wreath, teardrop, garland, and more that will last many seasons to come. By using professional ribbon and by following the same steps our designers use everyday, you can create the decor of your dreams!✨⁣ ⁣ Discover the perfect ribbon for you TODAY!⁣

Shop Ribbon >>

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Summer AND Patriotic Home the CAYCE Way!

Summer AND Patriotic Home the CAYCE Way!

Do you need inspiration to decorate your home this summer and upcoming holiday? 
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Spring Door Decor How To" "BEE-utiful" Teardrop Tutorial with Alyson

Create a porch that welcomes visitors with cheer!⁣ Follow along with our professional designer to ace these important steps to get the Miss Cayce's style!
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How to Tie a Beautiful Spring Bow - The Full Bow Method

Have you ever wondered why your bows seem to only look good the first year you make them? Or why they don't seem to shape well? The wrong kind of ribbon might be your problem!


Thin-wired ribbon will let you down EVERYTIME--it is not strong enough to hold a big bow's shape, and it also breaks more easily. That ribbon is great for presents or gift bags, but not for large decorative bows! If you pick the wrong ribbon, it's so frustrating to feel like your time and money has been wasted!

We work hard to curate the best, most diverse collection of beautiful designer ribbon with STRONG wiring in the edges. Many of our ribbons even have dual layers of material that give the ribbon a fullness and longevity, and even reversible front and back patterns or colors! Shop from our beautiful selection of ribbon with quality you can trust, and send us your bow pictures! We can't wait to see what you decorate. 🤩

Click the link to shop our ribbon collections NOW>>


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