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Canadian Balsam Fir LED Lights

$14999 USD

The Canadian Balsam Fir is naturally a symmetrical, conical tree with branches extending nearly to the ground. Its leaves are needle-like, flat, and rounded at the tip. Native from Wisconsin to New York and northward into all of Canada.

3' Canadian Balsam Fir 100 Warm White LED Lights, Height: 3' , Girth: 29" , Tips: 389

4.5' Canadian Balsam Fir 250 Warm White LED Lights, Height: 4.5' , Girth: 37" , Tips: 815

6.5' Canadian Balsam Fir 600 Warm White LED Lights, Height: 6.5' , Girth: 54" , Tips: 2213

7.5' Canadian Balsam Fir 800 Warm White LED Lights, Height: 7.5' , Girth: 60" , Tips: 3101

9' Canadian Balsam Fir 1100 Warm White LED Lights, Height: 9' , Girth: 69" , Tips: 4297

10' Canadian Balsam Fir 1400 Warm White LED Lights, Height: 10' , Girth: 72" , Tips: 5443

12' Canadian Balsam Fir 2050 Warm White LED Lights, Height: 12' , Girth: 79" , Tips: 8059

15' Canadian Balsam Fir 3300 Warm White LED Lights, Height: 15' , Girth: 86" , Tips: 12847

O Tannenbaum Warranty Information: 

Lights - 3 year warranty. The LED light specs are 5MM (size) wide angle commercial grade, "sealed" bulb which means they can't be removed. In the event of a malfunction or failure, we/you will provide the customer with a new set of lights (50 bulb light strand). The replacement light set is designed in a loop construction and is the same light set used by the factory to light the tree. It's also the same matching warm white or multi color.

  • The commercial 5MM LED lights are rated for 50,000 burning hours. However, that does not mean that you should leave your tree on all night long (24/7) and we recommend a TIMER for the tree and a SURGE PROTECTOR.
  • If a surge protector is not used, the manufacturer's warranty will be voided.
  • Tree Frame- 10 year construction warranty for normal home or office use

*Led lights cannot be fixed- they must be replaced

**O Tannenbaum trees are intended for indoor use only. Using a tree outdoors will void the warranty.