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How To Theme Your Christmas Tree

Becky and Kathy

“Theming for a Lifestyle” is a mantra Kathy and I live by. Why you may ask? It narrows down the choices and creates focus and direction for decorating. Christmas is no exception to this rule. Your Christmas Décor should complement your home decor. Since the Christmas tree is your largest Christmas decoration and the focal point, it is important to choose a theme that flows seamlessly with your home.

Think about it, anytime you throw a party, host your friends, plan an event, decorate your home, etc, you have a theme, so why would your Christmas not have a theme? Many people believe that Christmas decor is exclusively Red and Green, but Kathy and I believe that your Christmas can be themed any way you want.


Definition of a theme:

Wikipedia: “a central topic, a subject or concept (the author is trying to point out)”
Webster’s: “a unifying or dominant idea or motif with common elements”
Miss Cayce's: simplified focus, narrowing choices of common elements when decorating for Christmas, parties, events, home décor and personal style

Here are our top 4 reasons to theme your Christmas:
1. A unifying concept or theme gives every home a professional sheen
2. Simplifies your buying and decorating
3. Saves money and time
4. Creates focus and finish

One of our missions at Miss Cayce's is to stage many different Christmas themes as if they were in a home. We plan out our themes at the beginning of the year based on trends, traditions, modern styles, and more. We wanted to create a space where people could imagine the decor in their home and even customize their Christmas to fit their personality and style.

Your Christmas could be traditional Red, Green and Gold, or it could be a neutral Gold, Silver and Bronze, or it could be a bright and fun multi color, or a retro Black and White, or a soft Blue, Silver and Gold. The options are endless.

Check out a few of the different areas featured in the store this 2018 season below for some inspiration.


Merry Metals Tree

The Merry Metals area is filled with rich metal tones, copper, gold, silver, pewter and platinum. The theme is perfect for a neutral but warm home that features browns and golds.

Merry Metals Christmas Tree
Oversized bows Merry Metals
Merry Metals

The Christmas tree features oversized Bows, tied with multi-patterned designer ribbon, (the 1st key ingredient) to complement the large tree. A Gold Lantern with a candle inside adds a touch of the unexpected. 

Frosted Metals Tree

Even within the Merry Metals theme, we have a lighter version called frosted metals for homes that have a clean neutral and white theme. We used a flocked tree and decorated it with softer tones of pewter, silver, platinum and mat gold, mixed with burlap and gray.


Frosted Metals Christmas Tree
Frosted Metals Christmas Tree
Frosted Metals Christmas Tree

Snow Fun Christmas Tree

The Snow Fun Christmas Tree Theme is exactly what its called, SNOW FUN! Red, White, Christmas Green with pops of Black and White. Whimsical snowmen are the focal point, and the flocked tree is their perfect wintry home. The over sized red felt poinsettias are an unexpected surprise and complement the large presents. We used large green balls to pop against the flocked tree.

Snow Fun Christmas Tree
Snow Fun 2 Christmas Tree Theme

Of course we have a second version of the Snow Fun Christmas Tree for those who prefer more Red and White versus the Black and White. The color story is similar Red, Green and White, but we used red and white striped balls instead of the black and white, and the elves are the star of this tree. 

The Nutcracker Tree

Taking the cues from the Nutcracker Suite, this Christmas Tree's theme is a multicolored. Pops of Red, Blue, Bright Green, Gold and Pink all compliment the variety of Nutcrackers and their regal uniforms.


The Nutcracker Christmas Tree
The Nutcracker Suite Christmas Tree

 These are just a few of the themes we have decorated this year. Let us know which one is your favorite or which one you would want to decorate your home with. Also do not forget to post your decor and tag us on Instagram @misscayces.

To follow along how we decorate our Christmas Trees, check out our newly updated Recipe for Tree Trimming on our website now!

Happy Decorating, 


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