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Meet Our Friend And Artist Roxanne Spradlin

Meet Our Friend And Artist Roxanne Spradlin

Roxanne Spradlin, artist, friend and creative collaborator with The Round Top Collection.

Roxanne Spradlin The Round Top Collection
Roxanne and Miss Cayce's go way back to our beginning years. She was known around town to create and paint beautiful, whimsical wall murals and more. We loved her artwork, and for a couple of seasons her art was on consignment at Miss Cayce's. Because of her warm and inviting personality, we became friends and have stayed in touch through her relocation and artistic adventures. We were more than thrilled to have her collaborate with Jeff at The Round Top Collection (one of our favorite vendors). We can now carry her amazing product line year 'round in store and online! 
Roxanne's gallery art collection! Interchangeable on the black and white stripe gallery board
Roxanne's gallery art collection are interchangeable piece on the black and white stripe gallery board.

Fans of The Round Top Collection have flocked to the impressionistic expressions of Roxanne Spradlin; a collaborative series of seasonal prints that capture the magnificent beauty of God’s creations. During the Summer markets of 2016, inquisitive attendees, intrigued with the Spring debut, repeatedly asked about the talented artist who painted these fresh floral prints, trimmed in crinkled galvanized metal. The frantic trade show environment became calm with awe. Discriminate buyers carefully perused the displays, as one would at the opening of an art gallery. The reaction was no surprise to The Round Top Collection owner, Jeff Krause. But for the artist, Roxanne, she was shocked and overjoyed.
Roxanne painting
Paint pallet
Roxanne art piece

Growing up, Roxanne Spradlin never shied away from the spotlight. Drawing, dancing, running, singing; her feet touched the ground, and she was center stage. Her safe and loving childhood home served as a playground for her to fantasize and pretend. And though her parents were adamant about the necessity of working hard, they always nurtured her whimsical propensity and experimental approach to life. Neither her mother or father possessed obvious artistic talent, but they recognized Roxanne’s fascination with the world around her, and desire to create something new. Whether she was mixing potions of cosmetics and water in lotion bottles, or drawing pictures to sell to friends and family, Roxanne exercised her freedom to dream of one day being famous.

It wasn’t until her 30’s when she discovered her passion for painting. While visiting the home of a dear friend, Roxanne experienced a life-changing epiphany. Upon entering the friend’s house for the first time, she was immediately mesmerized by walls covered in vibrant and unique works of art. She carefully examined each piece in amazement. Once she learned it was her friend who had personally created each of these paintings, Roxanne exclaimed “this is what I want to do!” Together, the two began attending classes to enhance their painting skills and master new techniques.
Roxanne's Art Studio,
Roxanne's Art Studio

Roxanne was beginning to feel like an artist. She studied the complexities of color and texture in nature. The world around her had become alive, as if each flower and tree was asking to be painted. Roxanne had found the opportunity for a career she had always dreamed of. Her confidence grew, her work improved, and soon she was teaching art classes, designing commissioned work, and building an impressive Instagram account. She had a beautiful family, wonderful friends, and a true sense of purpose. Roxanne found the life she always wanted.

They say God works in mysterious ways. Some call it fate. Others claim situations are just serendipitous. However you choose to look at it, the day Roxanne Spradlin met Jeff Krause could not have been predicted or planned. Roxanne had been shopping when Jeff noticed her toting her treasures. Jeff’s introduction was a Good Samaritan gesture, and Roxanne was obliged. As they began to talk, while searching the parking lot for Roxanne’s car, each shared their occupations. Jeff, the owner of a unique home and garden décor company, and Roxanne, an independent artist. The perfect recipe for a line of exceptional home accessories.
Roxanne's backyard Art Studio
Roxanne's art studio
Color coordinated paint supplies
When Roxanne attended the Dallas Market Center, Total Home and Gift show, in the Summer of 2016, she became emotional from the overwhelming acceptance of her work. She never imagined an opportunity to share her gift with so many people. Roxanne discovered a new sense of purpose when she saw the delight her work evoked. She was right where she needed to be.
This is Roxanne's favorite piece from the Round Top Collection’s Spring 2018.
The gallery art collection from The Round Top Collection
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Happy Decorating,

Becky and Kathy




The first thing I bought from Roxanne (about 20 yrs ago out of the back of her car) was a cat shaped pillow that she had hand painted. It was adorable!! The crazy thing was, I don’t like anything cats!! So that says something about her creativity!!!! She has such a sweet spirit and I’m sooo proud of her and for her.

Roxanne is an amazing woman and artist. I am grateful our paths crossed when I was trying to rehome an antique cowboy rocker soon after she and Coach moved to Magnolia, TX. Within a few months her art business was booming with Round Top Collection. I was blessed to see many of her works when she was creating them. I can’t say enough about her wonderful heart and art. We have moved to Colorado but she will always be in my heart.

I am so proud of my friend of over 45 years! I always knew she had remarkable God given talents. I am thrilled to watch this journey unfold.

I’ve known Roxy for most of my life and she’s one of the most genuine, loving and talented people you could ever know. God spent extra time on this one! We love you, Rox, and are not one bit surprised at at how your talents are being rewarded.

That beautiful painting on Roxanne’s easel is above our fireplace…so very blessed to have known & loved she & husband, Mike, since they were teenagers. Thanks so much for shining light on her amazing talent…only surpassed by her heart of love & joy.

I met Roxanne at TjMax and we just hit right off. I Seem like we knew each other for years . She is a sweet God lovey person that I enjoy hang ,enjoy being around with . Every time we see each other we just talk about anything and everything . Thank Roxanne for being a sweet Bf to me.

I met Roxanne at TjMax and we just hit right off. I Seem like we knew each other for years . She is a sweet God lovey person that I enjoy hang ,enjoy being around with . Every time we see each other we just talk about anything and everything . Thank Roxanne for being a sweet Bf to me.

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