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How To: Fall to Christmas Garland

How To: Fall to Christmas Garland

This How To is all about one of my favorite ways to decorate, transitional decorating. Decorating made easy because you get to use the same decorations for more than one season. 

A key thing to remember with transitional decorating is to purchase quality base ingredients that allows multiple uses over several years. Faux Green Pine Garlands are one of the best bases to use for a few reasons. One, similar to buying a nice pair of jeans, these garlands are an investment in your holiday decor that will last a long time. Two, the wire in the greenery allows you to attach and remove other garlands and decorations with little to no wear and tear. Third, if you choose to decorate your garland for one holiday that year, it can be stored completely decorated and ready to go for the following year.

Fall Garland Ingredients

The Fall Garland base ingredients start with one Faux Green Garland (choose one with a sturdy wire. The shredded vinyl should feel stiff and bristly, and the thicker the ply of vinyl, the more stiffness and lifetime). Faux Green Garlands are normally 9 feet long, so instead of cutting this garland I folded up each end and wired it together. For the next season I may use it with its full length around a doorway.

Novelty and decorative garlands are usually 6 feet long. I center them in the middle of the faux green garland to keep a balance. You can also buy two of them if you are going to use the full 9 feet, especially around a doorway. 

The next layer is a Magnolia Leaf garland. Twist the greenery over in several places then shape and pull the leaves out. This Magnolia Garland is on a medium gage wire and all of the leaves are individually wired. This is what you want because it allows you to shape the leaves out to look real. 

A Red and Burgundy Mixed Berry Garland (which is water and weather proof, perfect for a doorway garland) is laid on top and again, twist the greenery over in a few places to secure the garland. Shape and Fluff out the berries to work in with the greenery. This is your transitional base which will be used for the Christmas Garland.

Faux Magnolia Leaf Garland Intertwined with Faux Green GarlandRed Berry Garland Mixed in Faux Green Garland

Velvet Pumpkin Garland Mixed in Green Garland

The next layer is the decorative fall garland. We are obsessed with this Velvet Pumpkin and Acorn Garland, especially mixed with the Magnolia Leaf and Berry garlands. Secure this garland by twisting the greenery around in a few places. 

Fall Ribbon for Bow Tie BowsFall Ribbon Bow Tie Bows

You can leave the garland just like this, add a few candles, pumpkins or other decorative items around it and be done! We love to add a few simple bows, and of course we had to add some Black and White. This Beautiful Designer Ribbon adds the finishing touches.

Bow Tie Bows for Fall Garland

Wired ribbon is easy to use to make a bow, half bow or a bow tie like we did here. Cut your ribbon of choice into three different lengths, layer the ribbons longest to shortest, then gather in the middle and secure with 20 gauge floral wire. Shape and fluff to create volume. Nestle these bows at the focal points of your garland. Here we made three bows and placed two at the ends and one in the middle.  

Fall Garland with Red, Orange, Green and Black & WhiteFall Garland, Fall Dining Room Center Piece

Now let’s celebrate our beautiful design with a delicious meal. Using a decorated garland on your dining table is perfect for dinner parties because it allows your guests to still see each other and have plenty of room for plates, silverware, drinks and more. For a little extra something, gather up an assortment of candle sticks, brass or crystal, and tuck them into the garland and use coordinating candle tapers.

This Fall Garland works great on a buffet with all of your dishes and/or desserts worked around or on your mantle above the fire place with a cute Fall Sign.

Now to Christmas.

Christmas Garland Dining Table Center PieceRed and Green Half Bows in Christmas Garland

To transition to Christmas, start by removing the Velvet Pumpkin Fall Garland and the Fall bow ties. In place of the pumpkin garland, we added in a Felt Two Tone Green Holly Garland and twisted into the greenery to secure. Do not forget to shape and fluff the holly leaves!

We chose a Red Buffalo Plaid, Red velvet with a White trim like Santa’s suit and a Red, Green and Lime Green Stripe ribbon for the Christmas 1/2 bows. This time we wanted to add our Miss Cayce's Black and White Glittered Check balls in two sizes, 4 inches and 5 inches. We used three of each size and nestled them in, alternating the size of ball and side of the garland. To finish it off, tuck in these adorable Melting Snowmen, and you are ready to celebrate! 

Holly Garland with Red, Green, Black & White Decor

Simple, easy and so cute, just how we like it! Want to see how to transition your garland from Halloween to Christmas? Check out the video below. 

Happy Decorating, 


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